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    review rating 5  I gave my married daughter both the CBD Instant 300 Mg drops and later the chewable CBD sleep formula tablets. She tried and reordered the instant drops after finding that they relieved her pain from fibromyalgia. The CBD sleep tablets brought the much needed rest she hoped for after not sleeping for days. Highly recommend for anyone wishing for better sleep.

    thumb Bruce Cameron

    review rating 5  There is nothing that has ever made a difference with my wifes epilepsy mediation side effects until I stopped in. Do you know what its like watching the person you love become free from the prison that something like epilepsy and medication side effects creates? CBD isn't the cure for everything but it was the turning point for us. Thank you again Alterna.

    thumb Jesse Martinsen

    review rating 5  Amazing and helpful staff. I was educated on the different products they offer and it made it easy for me to make an informed decision. I love their products and 100% will be coming back and bringing others here too!!

    thumb Jenna Morrison

    review rating 5  My neighbor recommended this product to me because it did wonders for his dog. He mentioned at one point he thought he was going to have to put his dog down because of terrible arthritis and hip issues. After doing some research, he decided to try this product and his dog acts like a puppy again. So with that said, I figured I'd try this pet treat with my dog (Sunny) since he has been having joint issues lately. After about a week, I've noticed so much improvement and energy in him. He no longer just sits in his bed for most of the day. He now roams the house, shows eagerness to go on walks and plays with his two brothers more often. This product has definitely shown positive results.

    thumb Tyler L

Hi guys, I want to share with you my struggle with ADHD and a new product I am very passionate about. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago (probably 10 years too late as I was already 20 years old). The diagnosis was actually a relief as it was a answer to so many of my life long struggles. I grew up feeling dumb and had a very low self esteem when it came to school. Everything was so hard for me when it came to school. I had to work harder than most to just get marginal grades. Thank goodness I had amazing parents who understood I needed to find success outside of school. For me figure skating was where I found my confidence and success. I learned that hard work lead to success which lead to higher self esteem. Without my success in skating I would have been a very unhappy, sad child.

So where am I going with this? My struggle with ADHD is still apart of my life and always will be. However there are so many tools that can help (exercise is huge, hence my career path). I started taking medication 20 years ago which was a game changer but there are so many side affects. I have recently discovered CBD oil(short for cannabidiol). CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant. No, CBD does not get you high (no THC). Why does it help ADHD people? The CBD in CBD oil works like a key in a lock. In this case, the locks are the millions of receptors in your brain. When the locks are closed, the receptors are inactive. When these receptors are open people with ADHD have found they have less anxiety, depression, insomnia and increased ability to concentrate and focus. Basically it helps my brain level out and run smoother. I take a couple of drops every morning and before bed. The results have been amazing. Amazing enough for me to share my story with you all.

I have never ever promoted a product on IG. Yes, I get free clothes but I only post about or film wearing the ones I truly love. I am not getting paid for this nor am I getting free product for posting this. I’m doing this all on my own because it has truly helped me.

Tiffany 6/22 2020

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We trust our products enough to give them to our friends, family members and pets. We want you to feel certain also. Check out our 3rd party tested certificate of analysis page. We test all of our CBD for purity, safety and effectiveness.


“Hello, this is Jeff Cook of the band Alabama. Some of you may be aware that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. Recently I was introduced to CBD products (Non THC CBD). Hemp Xtreme Relief CBD products seem to be helping me with some of the symptoms in my battle against Parkinsons. Although there is currently no known cure and it affects everyone differently, I believe some of my improvements are due to CBD.”

Jeff Cook, From the band Alabama.


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