Are you in Pain?

Are you in pain? We can help you! We have had so many people tell us that our CBD is the only thing that stopped their pain. An article posted on the Harvard Health Blog, documents that there are studies that have shown reduced pain from topical CBD.  Alterna’s customers have told us that they are finally able to get sleep after years of struggling with pain and restlessness. Chronic physical pain can wear you down over time. It can be down right daunting. We want to share  two amazing products, that we have been told by our customers, “changed their lives”. Our company is founded by a former professional NBA player and a former semi-pro tennis player. The aches and pains are all too well known amongst our owners. We have come up with a specific CBD pain relief regiment to help alleviate not only chronic pain but also acute pain.


The first is our signature CBD pain relief cream This is the product that actually started our company. It is Dr. formulated and has a patent pending, K-channel™ technology.


The second is our XXtreme Wellness CBD Freeze Gel. This product is amazing! It has personally helped me get real relief from chronic tension headaches. You can roll it directly onto your skin in the painful area.

The reason we introduce these products together in relation to pain relief is they are best used together. Apply the CBD pain relief cream first, and then apply the CBD freeze gel, after that put a hot pad in the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Continue to do this every hour. In addition to the immediate pain relief taking a daily dose of CBD internally has shown to reduce overall inflammation. Everyone loves our CBD gummies. Here is a link to one of our customer favorite products:

So if you are ready to be out of pain, try out our afore mentioned products and possibly trying a daily dose of internal CBD.We share this with you to try and help you get out of pain fast. However please consult your doctor before trying any new products, including CBD. All of the claims within this blog post are based off of anecdotal feedback. For a limited time we are offering these three products in a CBD pain relief three pack, the prices are all ready the lowest priced CBD on the market, but we have dropped that price even further to $75/per three pack.

So if you answered yes to our first question in this post, then try our CBD pain relief products and rest assured that you have a 60 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your products. Email with any questions.