Giving Your Fur Baby CBD?

Giving Your Fur Baby CBD?

Alterna Therapies Inc. would like to inform our customers of two things. One, our Xtreme Relief CBD pet treats contain CBD. Two, our CBD pet treats are 100% safe. We know it sounds silly to have to declare that our CBD pet treats actually contain CBD, however there have been a flurry of articles that have been published in the last couple of weeks, that indicate a large amount of CBD pet treats that do not actually contain any CBD. Not only do our products contain CBD, they also are helping a lot of our four legged friends!

One of Alterna Therapies Inc. owners has a black German Shepherd named Tink. She is actually one of the most neurotic dogs we have ever met, she is also a sweet heart and we love her! Tink, along with three other fur babies, are regular employees at Alterna Therapies headquarters. Sadly, this poor girl has had some health issues. She was rescued from someone that was keeping her in her crate probably close to 24 hours a day. We are not sure what else went on, but this has effected her hips and possibly her brain. She has had very intense and horrible seizures since the first week we rescued her. When we first adopted Tink, we were very worried about her health problems, specifically the seizures. However shortly after Alterna Therapies Inc. was founded and we were able to collaborate with a trusted, local pet food supplier that has been in business for over 37 years. Out of this Hemp Xtreme Relief CBD pet treats were created. They started giving the CBD pet treats to her and it greatly reduced the amount of seizures she had. It also decreased the length and intensity of her seizures. She now only has a seizure about 1-2 times per month and we are effectively treating them with CBD.

We are pretty sure that dogs are not aware of the placebo effect and have seen a real difference using CBD to help Tink. We also are so happy that we were able to create Xtreme Relief CBD pet treats. The whole team at Alterna are dog/animal lovers. So when we were able to work with a very trusted pet food supplier, we were very excited. All of our pet treats are made locally in Utah. All of the CBD used is 100% safe and USA grown hemp CBD.

Please know that we are using our products for our pets, family and friends. We trust our products whole heartedly. All of our CBD is safe, pure, and effective. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions. Email us at

CBD pet treats have seemed to help pets with all kinds of problems however please consult your veterinarian before giving your pets any new medicines, and treats. We do not claim that CBD is an effective medication for your animals but are simply sharing our experience using CBD. We like to provide full transparency on the purity and safety of our CBD pet treats. You can view that information here. All of our CBD products, including the pet treats are tested for purity, and safety.

Our owners German Shepherd-Tink, that uses CBD for old hips, anxiety, and neurological problems.